C.DESIGN garments have been passed from mother to daughter, to friend, to god-mother, to grandmother. The pieces carry memories and stories of our family and we will continue to create them in a way that ensures quality and durability. 

While C.DESIGN does everything we can to ensure that these pieces will remain with you for a lifetime, we ask that you take care of them as we have all this time. 

We recommend hand washing swimwear in fresh cold water after use and dry in the shade. Please do not use bleach, do not soak, wring, dry clean, tumble dry or iron. Try to avoid rough surfaces that may snag fabric, as well as chlorinated pools and spas which may weaken elasticity and discolour garment. Fake tan and suntan creams may also discolour garment. If sand becomes lodged in swimwear, wash the garment, wait until dry then gently flick fabric to release sand.