One of our most photographed and recognisable styles to date, and a piece that became iconic to the C.DESIGN brand, originated from a sewing mishap in early 1994. When our founder Claire cut binding for a bikini sample too short, instead of unpicking the mistake, she decided to trim the binding right down to just a centimetre, catching the loose ends back on itself. Call it coincidence or creative intuition, the C.DESIGN STRAPPY BIKINI was born. An appreciation phone call would follow from the Vogue NYC office with the Fashion Editors being the first to order.

The design struck a chord in the fashion industry, and quickly became a constant sell-out. Through Claire's innate creativity and fearless expression through fashion, the brand became known for its innovative designs, elegantly classic silhouettes and structural lines.

Following the design's debut was an instant love from buyers, customers and creatives at the time. It therefore seemed only right to bring it back in the relaunch of our brand, and modernise the design into the first collection.

One admirer of the strappy bikini was fellow Western-Australian model, Megan Gale who at the time was developing herself as a model and actress in Sydney, and traveling to and from Italy as her career took off. In May 2000 the Aussie model approached our founder backstage at Australian Fashion Week offering to open her Resort and Swimwear show. Megan was the ideal C.DESIGN girl; in love with the beach - “It’s a great place to hang out with your friends and be social. I love the ocean; I get a lot of energy out of it and always feel better after being in it" - she quoted from her Bondi Beach days.

Years after walking the C.DESIGN runway, Megan continued to show her support. A friend of the brand that joined the 90s wave and understood our vision.

- The C.DESIGN team

Megan Gale wearing the STRAPPY TOP AND BRIEF for Who Weekly Magazine, 2001. Photographed by Tim Bauer.