Throughout the 90s, C.DESIGN would be featured in a special publication iconic to Australian fashion and culture, Australian Style which evolved from Perth-based WA Style. The magazine was founded by Andrea Horwood, both an ever-talented creative and an incredible business woman, when she was only 19. The publication spotlighted the star personalities of our country at the time from Heath Ledger, Kylie Minogue, Elle Macpherson, Nick Cave and Michael Hutchence. It was the portal to what was the in-thing in Australia, the voice that represented culture, youth and sophistication. Its voice was very close to its readers' taste and was how the publication built its loyalty and respect over the years.

Often the celebrity talent featured on front covers of the publication were photographed in an unrestrained manner, fresh faced and in their natural disposition – the instinct and spirit the decade was well recognised for.

"In the 90’s there was this merry band of creatives in Perth – photographers, writers, musicians, makeup artists, designers – many of whom have gone on to populate the heights of the industry today and I was lucky enough to feature them in my magazine Australian Style. City Beach photographer Simon Lekias, Pemberton makeup artist Linda Jefferyes, Perth designer Aurelio Costarella, and of course the chicest Aussie cossies from Claire Metcalf’s C.DESIGN. The cuts, the fabric, the cool, these were bikinis the world wanted."

- Andrea Horwood

Founder Australian Style, Invisible Zinc, WelleCo and ETTO Australia.

This image was particularly special for C.DESIGN, photographed by Simon Lekias in 1996, who was then an upcoming young photographer and remained a good friend of the brand for years to come, recently shooting C.DESIGN's 2024 collection.

The swimwear worn by models Kristy Hinze and Mandy Cameron were part of C.DESIGN's ‘tattoo’ series; the duality of mixing nude and black lycra emphasising the minimalist lines signature to the designer, and hand made in our Lake Street studio. The heeled sandals worn by the girls were an ode to the classic Australian thong, popularised in the comeback of the nineties now but novel at the time, designed by founder Claire to dress her models on and off the Australian Fashion Week runway.

"Making a splash in swimwear was never Claire Metcalf's intention. But the 23-year-old designer has suddenly found herself the centre of attention with her dare-to-be-different designs. Within a couple of weeks of a small magazine article about her swimwear, Claire was swamped with orders, had registered her business and started a label, C.DESIGN. She accredits her affinity for stretch fabric to twelve years of studying ballet and making costumes for herself after being taught to sew at an early age by her grandmother...

... An ex-model, she met her husband in Japan and he takes care of the "formal" side of the business. "He's very patient at three in the morning bringing me cups of coffee while I'm still at the machines" she laughs."

- Andrea Kerekes, Australian Style Magazine, 1996.

Almost 30 years on and C.DESIGN remains a family affair, owned and operated by Claire and Gavin and their 3 adult children Tia, Taj and Sienna. A brand defined by family heritage, 90’s elegance and contemporary minimalism, shaped by stories and publications such as this one.

Australian Style Magazine embodied everything C.DESIGN was and is; the freedom to create and design without external influence, inspired by Western Australian beauty and local talent.

C.DESIGN featured in Australian Style Magazine 1993-2003.